Monday, May 20, 2013

Math, man. It's serious business.

My kids and I have been working on reading fluency. And naturally, that means we get to read cute poems and sing fun songs. I found this one on youtube, and they love it.

El reino del rev├ęs is this hilarious kingdom where everything is backward and silly. The kids cracked up when we first read the lyrics (and several times after that), especially when we got to the baby with the beard. But no matter how funny it is when the dog "falls up" instead of down and spider rides on a chess piece, when they say that 2+2=3, everyone simultaneously shouts, NO!!!

We can joke about babies with beards and dogs falling up and invisible chimps, but in my class, man, math is serious business. Incorrect facts are no joke. (So they tell me.)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo: Day of the Underdog

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. It's a little like St. Patrick's Day in that a lot of people it doesn't apply to celebrate it, and a lot of the people who celebrate it have no idea what they are celebrating. They just enjoy the festivities (and the discounted drinks...).

Being a person who does actually happen to know the history of the day and happen to thoroughly enjoy holiday celebrations of most kinds, I decided that I was going to do something festive.

Given that I am a big fan of latin music and dance floors, I ended up at a Mexican restaurant where a live band was playing! (Pa' que lo bailen bien...) As I was taking a short break from twirling around the floor, a random guy asked me to tell him what Cinco de Mayo was about. I started to tell him when I realized that the guy on the other side of me was both Mexican and a friend of mine, so I figured he'd probably tell it better than I would and asked him to explain instead.

Good thing, too.

My explanation would have involved all this background information about the wars and the debts and France wanting their money and Benito Juarez as well as what happened at the Batalla de Puebla. Very teacher-esque, I imagine. My friend, on the other hand? Much more simple. All he said was, "Cinco de Mayo is about the day when we fought France and kicked their a**."

He's absolutely right. Even though Mexico was in debt and struggling and France came to demand money the Mexicans didn't have (and they lost to them later), la Batalla de Puebla and the subsequent annual celebration really aren't about all of that. They are about the underdogs winning and kicking France's...well, you know. Derriere.

A veces, la importancia de un suceso viene de como te hace sentir.
(Sometimes, the importance of an event comes from how it makes you feel.)

Viva Mexico!