Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Email Withdrawal?

You know what's weird about summer school? 

No email. 

During the school year we get something like 5 new emails an hour (I might be exaggerating a little). Considering that we're with the kids for 6 hours and I often only check my email before they come and/or after they leave, that's 30 emails a day. All those little bolded titles in my inbox list, blaring at me through the megaphone of extra "ink": JOB POSTINGS! BUY MORE BOOKS! TAKE THIS E-COURSE! BUS INFORMATION! UPDATE YOUR CLASS LIST! I'M A GREAT PUPPETEER--INVITE ME TO YOUR CLASS! MEETING TOMORROW! MEETING TODAY! MEETING RIGHT NOW! DO WE HAVE A MEETING? 


In the summer, I get maybe one a day, maybe...and that's it. 

It's so strange. The empty silence of an inbox that is not constantly filling itself with new messages, however relevant they may or may not be to my life. Is it weird that I'm a little sad? No one wants to send me another update to the bus list? There are no new e-courses to advertise or puppeteers to offer services? No books to buy? No meetings?

For a twenty-something, technology-obsessed constant email checker like me, it's like I'm in technological limbo...I can't stop checking, but there's nothing new to read.

I need a hobby. 

Or maybe I just need to work on my lesson plans.

Or maybe go buy some cheesecake. I like that idea. 

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