Thursday, October 17, 2013

We win at partying!

We love to jump around get down in my class. We sing and dance all the time. Our animals dance, we dance, and sometimes our letters dance (though they are not supposed to...those naughty things).

We've jumped and danced the alphabet, our morning greeting and we've danced with Cosmo (a very cute song). We've danced to the crocodile rock and the Gummy Bear song. Last Friday we even danced to One Direction.

We like choreographed dancing and Ms. M is not a choreographer, so Youtube is a good friend of ours. It turns out that there are tons of videos on youtube where someone just ripped a dance from a wii console and posted it, so we dance with them. The funny thing about doing a dance that is ripped from a wii is the part where the kids forget it's a video...and not an actual game.

Last week we stayed in for recess because of the rain, but Ms. M insists that we get some kind of exercise so we did some dancing before we took out our toys. We danced and danced and at the end of the video, there was a part where "Player 1" "scores points" for dancing so well. The kids saw the points meter go all the way up to the top and congratulate them, and they actually started jumping and cheering because they were so excited about having "won" the "game."

Little minds, man...they are hilarious.

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