Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well, hello, Wednesday. We meet again.

Today was our first day back to school after Christmas break. I was pretty bummed that the district cut our break short this year after having two full weeks off last year (that was heaven!). But of course, I love my kids, so once I'm actually out of bed, going to work isn't so hard.

On the first day back after a long break, I get a mild case of those "first day jitters" that I always get in August before the first day of school. (Yep, that's right, no waiting til after Labor Day for us.) I'm not quite sure, what will happen. It turned out to be a pretty good day. Here's the un-good, the good, and the adorable.

The un-good: Today is Wednesday. Imagine that--starting school on a Wednesday. No big deal, right? Short three-day reintroduction to getting up at 5 am, time to ease back into routines. Weekend is in two days. All that good stuff.

Problem is, Wednesday is not Monday. Why is that a problem, you ask? Because when one side of your brain knows it's Wednesday, and the other side of your brain thinks it's Monday, you have a tendency to frequently find yourself confuzzled. And thus, my predicament today. I got an email saying, "See you at the meeting this afternoon." My first thought was, What? That meeting isn't til Wednesday...OH CRAP IT'S WEDNESDAY, ISN'T IT? Oops. Good thing the meeting was in my room...Then later I saw another teammate who said, "See you at the meeting tomorrow." I said, "Um, aren't we meeting on Thursday?" (Pause for dramatic effect...) OH CRAP IT'S WEDNESDAY! Yep, again. Sigh...good thing it's almost the weekend.

The good, which is also the cute:

- It snowed, so we took my little ones out to play in the snow, and I got really adorable pictures of them rolling down the hill and making snow angels.

- When reviewing our classroom rules, we talked about why it's important to take care of books. "Why don't we step on them and rip the pages?" I asked. M raised her hand and said, "Because if you rip out the pages, you won't know what happens in the beginning. And if you don't know what happens in the beginning, the story won't make sense." (SEE? I KNEW we did a million story trains for a reason! Yay retelling skills! *pats self on back*) I love it when they learn stuff.

- Smiles. When my kids walk in the door at 7:15, and their little faces light up when they see me, waking up at 5 is totally worth it.

Happy January!

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